Classroom Teachers

Mr. Dustin Carlson - Kindergarten
Ms. Ann Miller - Kindergarten
Ms. Tammy Lewis - 1st Grade
Ms. Amber Whitney - 1st Grade
Ms. Jan Kyle - 2nd Grade
Ms. Elizabeth Raphael - 2nd Grade
Ms. Sarah Davenport - 3rd Grade
Ms. Melodie Rice - 3rd Grade
Ms. Jill Conyers - 4th Grade
Ms. Michele Madson - 4th Grade
Ms. Laura Chouinard - 5th Grade
Ms. Lisa Smith - 5th Grade
Ms. Camille Akers - 6th Grade
Ms. Cynthia Warming - 6th Grade


Early Childhood/Club66

Ms. Julie Kathol - Director


Office Staff

Mr. Garret Higginbotham - Principal

Ms. Courtney Veldhuis - Administrative Assistant

Ms. Eloise Seward - Health Assistant


Ms. April Anderson - School Social Worker


Support Staff

Mr. Jaromier Preininger - Building Engineer

Ms. Shavone Malone - AM Building Services

Mr. Eric Hamilton - PM Building Services

Mr. Doug Willits - PM Building Services


Kitchen Staff

Ms. Marta Preininger - Kitchen Manager

Ms. Guadalupe Pineda - Kitchen Assistant


Specials Teachers

Mr. Barry Glanzer - Physical Education

Ms. Bryn Johnson - Art

Ms. Cathy Montgomery - Library

Mr. Nolan Pribnow - Vocal Music


Mr. Micheal Freeman - Band

Ms. Viktoria Matheson - Strings


Special Services Teachers (TLC)

Ms. Jennifer Cramer-Brink

Ms. Rhonda Josten

Ms. Marcia Manzo

Ms. Amanda Smith


Ms. Lisa Davis - Psychologist

Ms. Hallie Sharkey - Speech


Specialty Teachers

Ms. Linda Safranek - Reading Coordinator

Ms. Elizabeth Langford - ELL

Ms. Jenny Henningsen - EY

Ms. Katie Sindt - EY


Educational Assistants

Ms. Tammy Biodrowski - Kindergarten
Ms. Michaela Padios - Kindergarten
Ms. Emmy Hurlbut - Regular Education EA
Ms. Jana Mellick - Regular Education EA
Ms. Katelyn Wolbach - Special Education EA
Ms. Emilee Helling - Special Education EA
Ms. Shannon Coonfield - Special Education EA
Ms. Karen Dickinson - Special Education EA
Ms. Kris Johnson - Special Education EA
Ms. Charity Kaufman - Special Education EA
Ms. Elizabeth Lewis - Special Education EA
Ms. Suzanna Smith - Special Education EA
Ms. Sarah Tillman - Special Education EA
Ms. Emily Marchand - Special Education EA


Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, August 11
  • Sunday, August 14
  • Wednesday, August 17
  • Tuesday, August 30
  • Tuesday, September 6


Social Media

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