Who We Are

The Rockbrook Community Club is a network of parents and families of Rockbrook Elementary students. The Club provides opportunities for families to connect and build community, improve communication with the school, and enhance the Rockbrook learning experience.

2022-2023 Executive Board

President Jessica Kaasch

Vice President Kara Meisinger

Treasurer Heather Vanourney

Secretary Becca Cartwright

The Executive Board provides leadership to the Community Club. Thank you to our dedicated, enthusiastic Board members!

Community Club Committees

Committees plan and implement the various Community Club program and events throughout the year. 



Social Media

Our school and Community Club love to share the exciting things our students are doing.  You can access our social media using the following links.

Rockbrook Community Club

Rockbrook Elementary School


Interested in becoming a sponsor of the Rockbrook Community Club? Visit our Sponsorships Page to learn more! Your partnership helps support the students and staff of Rockbrook Elementary.